The Importance Of SEO For Web Development

The number one question is why is SEO such an important part of web development? It would seem, build a website, and they will come, right?

The purpose of SEO is in the name. SEO, or search engine optimization, is precisely as it suggests. It is a set of tools and methods that are geared toward improving your website’s visibility.

What that means is that the search engines are able to locate your site and provide it to searchers when they ask questions related to your site. For instance, say you have a whole site devoted to coffee mugs. Some are personalized, others are new-fangled with silicone lids while others are made of heavy-duty BPA-free plastics.

When someone is looking for a mug, will your site show up in the search results? Or, will it fall back behind companies featuring online police department mug shots? Will the site get indexed at all by the search engines?

Index Your Site
If your site is not indexing, then it means that it is a doomed deal before it even launches. Submit your site for indexing with the search engines, first thing. This ensures that the search engines know to crawl your site and index the information.

When people look for personalized coffee mugs your site will be among the contenders. In particular, there are many other ways to boost your site’s credibility with search engines.

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Building Credibility And “High-Quality Content”

Credibility and its cousin, “high-quality content” became buzzwords following changes to the Google search engine in 2010 and again in 2012. It turns out that getting site traffic became a lucrative venture with Google into 2010.

As a way to protect its brand and perhaps save money, Google changed its requirements for its search engines to include results that valued verifiable, credible, and quality sites. They saved money by not allowing sites to keyword stuff and get a payoff for it.

Don’t Squeeze The Sites
So, how exactly does a search engine evaluate the quality of content? Good question. It turns out the clues abound all over the Internet. Social media presence, sharing, mentions, along with video content, and an active blog are always that the big boy of search engines evaluates whether a website is worthy of higher rankings or not.

Give Them What They Want
Another way to get site traffic is to evaluate how potential customers are searching for their coffee mugs. A good keyword tool will give you the words people use to search for your type of site.

Is it “Mug for Coffee”? While the sets of terms are sometimes awkward, it is the way people will search for the sites with the information they want. You might want to include the words that people search on in your blogs or on your site. Though, do not include it multiple times. That is a big no-no these days. The search engines shut out sites that did what was called keyword stuffing in the 2010 algorithm changes.

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In summary, SEO is important for web development, otherwise, people will not find your site. Though, be sure to follow the rules, so the search engines continue to send you site traffic rather than shutting you out of the game.

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