Saving the Life with Umbilical Cord Blood

Can Cord Blood Save the Life?

umbilical cord bloodMost people are familiar with him know that leukemia bone marrow transplant is the last option for the treatment of leukemia. A Leukemia patient needs to find donors for their bodies do not reject the donor stem cell from bone marrow is used. Typically, a suitable donor of the same race or origin, as a patient. A German, usually equivalent to the U.S. force of German descent. Whether China can match American donors in China and so forth.

(Look at the picture on the right. The picture explains Hierarchy of Stem Cell)

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of suitable donors for patients in minority groups. Therefore, if patients with terminal leukemia cannot find a game that can result from death. This is especially true in the African-American community. Approximately 8% of bone marrow donor registries for African Americans. Up to 80% of African-American patients may find a bone marrow transplant need not match.

Diagnosed, this is the case with Courtney Parham, a young African-American woman to graduate with leukemia, newly graduated from high school. He is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant to save his life. But like African-Americans found most patients are not a compatible donor. Death, the doctors decided to transplant stem cell from umbilical cord blood Courtney known. Courtney, have implanted adult stem cell from the umbilical cord.

To cut the story of adult stem tricks (stem cell). Courtney is now recovering from leukemia and is now in school. Because of life-changing experiences with leukemia, he was a supporter of recording and bone marrow donation.

This is the story of why donors are very important. It is very easy for donors to save lives. Potential donors can go to the local and seek more information on how to register. National marrow donor is actively promoting the minority, because there is currently a serious shortage. Parents also can donate their baby’s umbilical cord blood (or save as they need it). Cord blood can help to treat patients and Courtney, patients received a second chance in life, because if the donation is simple.

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