Network Marketing Lobsters Going Out-Scale

What a weird title isn’t it? Did it catch your attention enough to visit our website? If so, what does it prove then. If you have normal generic headlines and titles, It’s not going to do any good to your marketing efforts, because most of the people tend to overlook something that the see very often. Meaning that if you compare the title above “Network Marketing Lobsters Going Out-Scale” and “Network Marketers┬áHad a Great Year”, the first one is definitely going to win, get more clicks. Even though the sentence doesn’t make much sense, the human curiosity factor is much stronger than rational thinking.

Or another example, if you put something somewhere where It’s not suppose to be, people will start to be curious and investigate. It just immediately catches the attention like on fire. This is nothing new to the many successful marketers, they know this very well. And they also know that every time you don’t catch the visitor’s attention within the first 9 seconds, you are losing the customer and sale.

It really worth it to think before do sometimes. This is exactly the reason why a few people are successful in business and the rest is struggling. This can be implemented either in SEO (search engine optimization) or paid advertising, which are the two main ways of online marketing.

weird marketing tricks

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