There is not too much special about this website, It’s more or less like and archive and memories of the notes and articles that I didn’t publish, and the ones that I thought were good, but unfinished. So this blog was a great way of putting them up, just like the artists have their sketches, that sometimes become more valuable than actual painting, I decided to do something similar to It’s own picture.

I am a kind of a psychologist and businessman, self-made through the struggles, ups and downs of the market and economy. Somewhere at that point, I got into the internet marketing, SEO and copywriting. Developing websites and web niches, monetizing via SEO. This could be a very rewarding market but also very frustrating and dark. Not many people really succeed either in this type of business. It looks easy and simple, so It right away eliminates the 100% focus and concentration, the seriousness of starting a business. Many people take It on a light weight, and then end up disappointed that It doesn’t work.

I hope that ump-vlb.org website will help to uncover some of the things from the online business sphere, and improve everyone’s marketing effort.